Praying for Obama to Turn to GOD or Be Impeached if he doesn’t!

Praying for Obama to Turn to GOD or Be Impeached if he doesn’t!.


Praying for Obama to Turn to GOD or Be Impeached if he doesn’t!

When Mark, My Husband first saw Obama on TV before he ever announced that he was running for president, he said, “My GOD, he is going to our next President, May GOD save us ALL!”   Mark got that through the Holy Ghost, which we have both been Blessed with!    And the Holy Ghost in Me, backed up what Mark said.

I started Praying at that time for Obama’s Soul and the Souls of his Family!    I pray for the Lord to touch their Hearts that they will know and follow GOD in Jesus Name and for GOD to Bless Them.  I wish no Evil to fall upon them, that is not my wish.   I just want them to turn their Hearts to Jesus and Follow HIM.

But they all have refused!   So now I Pray for the same, but if they turn not to Jesus, then for Obama to be Impeached! He has violated nearly every part of OUR Constitution!   And that is Personal to me.   Because I have 2 Ancestor’s that signed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.   Rufus King signed the Constitution and he is my Great Great Great Great Great Grand Father!

I do not understand anyone who now supports Obama or this Administration!   Even in his own speeches,  he says One thing as FACT, then 10 minutes later, he says the Opposite as truth!    And what about all his Promises?    Let’s take his version of Healthcare.    He calls it the Affordable Care Act for Healthcare.   Well, I’d like to meet someone who is Paying Less instead of MORE that they use to for what they DID Have.   And Healthcare?   His version puts Age Limits on Treatment!  60 or Over, can’t be not treated medically for Cancer or Anything!   And there are Death Panels in Obama-care!  There will be ONLY  One Individual who decides on Medical Malpractice!   That takes all Attorneys who do Medical Malpractice OUT OF BUSINESS!   And when there is ONE Number that we will have to call if we have Medical Problem!    Now Who Are These Individuals?    Well, they Aren’t Doctor’s or Attorney’s!    They are Wall Street Giants who did Trades and the Like!    And We will have to Wait for that appointment we’ve called for.   Up to 2 Years!

Now, I know that If I call for an Appointment because of a Medical Problem, I’m not going to be able to wait for 2 years!  You see, Obama Care is NOT Health Care as America has Ever Known IT!   OH, And When Hillary Clinton was with her Husband, Bill as Governor in Arkansas, she had an idea for Healthcare and Requirements of Nurses and Doctors!  Now this is the Absolute TRUTH!    Doctor’s that only went to school for 8 YEARS!   Period.  Then they PICKED their Specialties without further Education!!!!!    The AMA  –  American Medical Association, Requires 12 Years for just being an MD!  Then 4 to 12 years Additional of Education for Various Specialties such as Orthopedics, Oncology, Physiology, Philosophy, Thoracic Surgery, Psychiatry, Emergency Care, Trauma, Radiology or General Surgery and the like!

RN’s, well the AMA requires a Minimum of a Bachelors Degree to be a RN!   And for Specialty RN’s, more Education is Required!   I had 8 Years at UCLA, then 4 years at Stanford University in Menlo Park, California to become a Shock Trauma RN Level 1!   That was the AMA Minimum, but with Qualifying GRADES!   Which Thankfully I did pass!   Then I had additional University Training as New things were Learned of Medicine and Treatment options.   All together with the Extra and standard (Required of AMA)  I ended up going to College for 16 years.  And I don’t regret One Day of my Education!   I’ve always said, Education Saves Lives, and it DOES!    Well in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas the RN’s there have a 2 year Certificate with No College!    And St. Joe’s and National Park Hospital have above 80% MORTALITY RATE!   What that means is most likely if you go to either of these hospitals for ANYTHING, you’ll come out in a Pine Box!   Now No One Dies of a Broken Leg!   Right?   WRONG!   Cathy Germane DIED of a Compound Leg Fracture that she got as the result of a Car Accident that her and her husband were in that wasn’t their fault!   She was taken by ambulense to Mercy, St. Joe’s Hospital.   They took an X-Ray!   They didn’t take her to surgery to Re-Set the Leg!   They didn’t put a Pressure Bandage Under the Walking Cast that she was given!    She was in Incredible Pain for 8 days at home and not able to Walk, until she DIED!    She died because a Blood Clot formed at the site of unfixed break of her leg and went to her heart and Killed her!    She Died as the Result of Breaking Her Leg!   Had she been treated appropriately she would be ALIVE TODAY!   And that is Medical FACT!

Now Anyone who have read my previous post about my beloved husband, Mark knows that I lived with him at Kansas University Hospital when he was there.  I couldn’t leave his side.   And from Day to Day, the Doctor’s treating Mark could not guarantee that Mark would even live through each night!   He was so very Critical, but Glory to GOD because of GOOD Doctor’s with the Appropriate Medical Education, Mark is HEALED of Hepatitis and doing better than he has for Decades, and Looks Awesome!!!!!   Mark says he’s feeling fantastic!    Glory Be Unto GOD!   Had Mark and I stayed in Arkansas, Mark would be DEAD today and I’d be a Widow!   But I don’t want to go down that road again, so GOD moved us here to Kansas City, Kansas!    And we love living in Kansas!

That’s the Difference that Education Makes!   I know, Obama is always promoting additional education, but NOT IN MEDICINE!   Haven’t you Noticed?   Engineers, Professors’ and the Like, but not in Medicine, which is so Critical!  When I was at KU, They came to me, in Mark’s room, and offered me a Job as a Shock Trauma RN Level 1!   But after Mark either Died or GOT WELL!    Well he’s almost there, so I will be working soon at KU!   And I’m looking forward to that.  Now when I was living at KU with Mark, I got to know most of the Doctor’s and Nurses!   We did a lot of Talking.  I did tall the Head of the Hospital!    I didn’t know he was the Head at the time we were having lunch.   By the way, he asked me if he could join me, I was sitting alone.  And I said, ‘YES’!    He introduced himself as a Doctor, and asked about Mark’s Condition, which he already knew.  The entire hospital were keeping an eye on Mark’s Condition because his Monitor went FLAT for 33 Minutes and 30 seconds.

He was given a twilight Anastasia for a Scope Mark had to have, to make sure he wasn’t still Bleeding!   He was brought back to his room, and should have woken up, as soon as he was brought in, but he didn’t.  Then I noticed an anomaly in the Cardiac Part of his monitor and pointed it out to Dr. Blaylock who was there with me.   She said, “I’ll call a code!”   About, 30 people were in his room, they didn’t kick me out!   We all looked up and Mark’s entire ICU Monitor was FLAT and the Alarms were going off like Crazy!   One of the Doctor’s that had come in asked for the Alarms to be turned OFF!   And they were.   IV’s were added, Medication, and they passed me an IV, and said, “I understand that you’ve been hired, you do know how to do an IV and set it up, Right?”   “Of Course!”   Then I proceeded to put the IV in Mark’s left arm!   To this day Mark says, “That’s the Only IV that Never Bothered me!”  I begged them, “Please don’t give up on Mark, I’ve got a promise from All Mighty GOD!”  They didn’t skip a beat!  And it took 4 1/2 hours for Mark to wake up, which he finally did, and said, “Doctor I don’t feel that sick, I want to go home with my beautiful wife holding my hand.”

Well, it turned out that 4 of the Doctor’s from KU, went to Hot Springs National Park to check out their Hospitals!  I don’t think they first believed me, because it is unbelievable!   And I understand that.   Well 2 weeks later, they got back and noticed me in the Cafeteria where I was eating my dinner.   Mark was NPO, but I had to eat, so I did!   They had just got back from Arkansas and asked to join me.  “My GOD, you spoke the absolute TRUTH!   I couldn’t believe what I saw and blatant Malpractice that I witnessed there in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.   You were exactly correct!  Now more than Ever, we need someone just like YOU!”   They all Agreed, and were equally shocked as to what they saw!  So AMA has been notified, and it looks something Finally will be happening there to make that all Appropriate Medically!  At least that is my Prayer!   We lost so many friends there – Over 100 Wonderful Individuals that would have been alive, if it wasn’t for those Hospitals, Doctor’s and Nurse’s!

The Doctor’s at KU that went there are the One’s who put forth the AMA Investigation.  And I promise You it is Physically Impossible for them to pass!   Because of the RN and Doctor requirements in Education which is not AMA Compliant!

Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.

Man’s Choice or GOD’s – What’s Yours?

Me? I chose to go with what GOD’s Choice is. Because whenever I’m shown something in the Holy Bible, I consider it, a Commandment! I know about the original 10, but I believe that GOD gave many more Commandments. And I am one who will not NEVER deny my Faith! Now I pray for this Administration in Washington, but I can not agree with the Policies that are clearly destroying all that has been good in America!

Like Healthcare! I promise you all that Obama Care is neither Affordable, or Healthcare as we’ve known it. There will be ONE Individual, who will decide is a bad act from a doctor (medical Malpractice) is good enough to take to court. Guess what, this individual has NO MEDICAL training or KNOWLEDGE! And there are Death Panels, and Age Limits. I’m not worried about that, I’ve already passed their late age, being 60. I’m not shy about my age. I still wear a size 6 and have naturally blond California hair. So there you know what I look like. Big Deal. It doesn’t matter, it’s the way that All Mighty GOD made me. I don’t believe in Dying my hair, or cutting it. So I have very long hair below my waist. That works for me.

Mark My Beloved Husband, loves my body and my hair! GOD has shewn me in my Holy Bible Standards that I have to live by. Like We live and make our home in KC, KS. We get Winters here with Ice and Snow. Yet I do not and will NEVER own for myself a pair of Pant’s, Slacks, Shorts and the Like! I wear Dresses, and Skirts Only! And here’s the Scripture that became a Commandment for me.

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all who do that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy GOD.” Deuteronomy 22: 5.

Now I’ve heard every Excuse in the World for the wearing of pants, “That are made for woman,” And fashionable where a man wouldn’t wear them!” OH YEAH? That wouldn’t be true in California where they have Stores with Dresses and Skirts and Feminine Atire for ONLY MEN! But I have news for you all. And if your old enough and Remember as I do, maybe you might agree. Until the Late 1970’s a woman who wore pants – WAS A DISGRACE AS A WOMAN! And Question. Did you’re Late Grandmother’s wear anything but Dresses and Skirts -Even when it was COLD? I know that Mine Didn’t! Hey! Abomination is the STRONGEST WORD THAT GOD USES TO JUDGE WITH! So I am not going to argue with GOD, and Since those are HIS WORDS, I chose to live this way, and frankly I Love to wear Pretty Things. After ALL – I was Born a Girl! Thank You GOD!!!!!!!!

Not wearing Makeup, or Nail Polish, or the like, I don’t need or want it! And I don’t wear fancy or any type of Jewelry, I don’t need it. I do have a watch, and that’s it. I need nothing else. OH, I do have my Wedding Band. And it wasn’t expensive. I don’t need anything, fancy, that’s not of GOD!

Jesus explained it beautifully, much more than I ever could. This is when Jesus was in the Desert for 40 Days with Satan. And this is what Jesus said. “Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy GOD. Again the devil, taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee if thou will fall down and worship me. Then Jesus said unto him, Get thee hence Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy GOD, and him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil leveth him, and, behold, Angels came and ministered unto him.” Matthew 4: 7 – 11.

And the devil in the world seeking whom he can destroy, and is very cunning, so I am extremely careful as to what I see on TV, Read, Listen to, and who I speak to.   Like right now, I am writing a Christian Life Book.   It’s called,   A Struggle to Victory!    It has taken me 10 years to write this. And I had a PC Laptop Stolen with my Book nearly finished.   My title is Copy written, so Thank GOD for that!   In that I am greatly blessed of GOD!  So now I’m writing again, but Mark, my Beloved Husband says, It’s even better than the earlier one.   And my agent and publisher in New York are saying the same!    I am truly blessed.


Now I am no one’s judge.   That belongs to GOD!   “JUDGE not, that ye be not judged.   For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”   Matthew 7: 1 – 2.    With those words, I will only share what the Scriptures say, then Pray as those who read, that it will touch their hearts for GOD to be able to use them for His Glory!

My belief is that, Everyone is EQUAL!   No one is better than the other!   Here’s the Scripture to back what I’ve said.  “MASTERS, give your servants that which is just and equal: knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.  Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving:  Withal praying also for us, that GOD would open unto us a door of utterance to speak the mystery of Christ for which I am also in bonds.  That I may make it manifest, as i out to speak.  Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.  Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt. that ye may know how ye are to answer every man  All my state shall Tychicus declare unto you, who is a beloved brother and a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord. Who I have sent  unto you for the same purpose, ”   Colossians 4: 1 – 3

As you see, even in the time of Our Lord and Savior, Everyone was considered EQUAL, at least that was the Teaching of that day and time.  And why should it change?   Honestly, Take away a rich man’s money, and he’s no better than the man who sleeps on the street.   Or let a rich person try to live on less than $1200 a month for a husband and wife.   I’d like to see that.   Well we get by quit well that way.   We may not be rich, but we are ZILLIONAIRS WITH LOVE, THE LOVE OF GOD AND OUR LOVE THAT WE HAVE TOGETHER.   I grew up where no one had to ask how much something was, I had everything I wanted.   I was spoiled, but GOD took that from me, and the mouth that I use to have.   YES, even simple Prayers my GOD does answer my prayers.   Even Little Prayers.   And YES, GOD does chastise us, when we do something wrong.   Or we don’t do what GOD wants.   You see He Is Our Father in Heaven.


So I pray that this encourages you all to Turn your Hearts back to GOD!    JESUS IS!   “I and my Father are one.”  John 10: 30.   Peace Be Unto You All with Much Love and GOD Bless!   Jane.

We are Soon to Find Out if Mark Is Cured!

Please leave your comments. I would love to see what you think. And please pray to GOD for Mark! God Bless You All! Jane.


Well Mark has been on Harvoni for 5 Months.   The cost of this Medication is $43,746.00 A Month, and Thank GOD Humana Medical Insurance has picked up the tab every month – with No Questions!

You see, Mark is a total Victim in this.  It’s Hepatitis B and C.   He got it as the result of a Blood Transfusion at Belview Hospital in New York City the day of the Bangladesh Concert in New York City, Mark was one the main Promoters, but of course didn’t make it, because he and Hank were in a Car Accident and Crashed under the UN.  A Driving Pin had been changed out without Hank’s knowledge.  He just took his 6 Month old car in to make sure all the Oil and everything was OK for the Long Trip.   They were on the way to Yonkers, New York to pick up…

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We are Soon to Find Out if Mark Is Cured!

Well Mark has been on Harvoni for 5 Months.   The cost of this Medication is $43,746.00 A Month, and Thank GOD Humana Medical Insurance has picked up the tab every month – with No Questions!

You see, Mark is a total Victim in this.  It’s Hepatitis B and C.   He got it as the result of a Blood Transfusion at Belview Hospital in New York City the day of the Bangladesh Concert in New York City, Mark was one the main Promoters, but of course didn’t make it, because he and Hank were in a Car Accident and Crashed under the UN.  A Driving Pin had been changed out without Hank’s knowledge.  He just took his 6 Month old car in to make sure all the Oil and everything was OK for the Long Trip.   They were on the way to Yonkers, New York to pick up another friend.   But of course they never made it.  That was the Summer of 1969.

We moved here to Kansas City, Kansas last August.  We were here for 3 weeks, falling in Love with KC, KS.   This is a Incredible City, with Awesome People, and for the first time in Mark’s Life, he met 2 members of his family, and they accept me!   A First Cousin and her daughter!   How awesome is that?   We were renting a room in house that had been built in 1920.   Donna and Charles own that house Free and Clear.   And their 2 vehicles.   They are greatly blessed of GOD, but sadly they do not acknowledge GOD!   But they did see that we DID and DO and Always Will!   I can Never Deny My Faith and my Lord!

There was only one bathroom in that house – Upstairs.   Mark woke up around 3:00 AM September 14, 2014, and went upstairs and I could hear him throwing up.   I went up just as he was coming out, “I’m going downstairs and sit down for a bit.”   “Are you OK, Sweetheart?”  “I’ll be OK, I think.”  I walked into the bathroom, with Mark walking downstairs. I was a bit shocked!    He had thrown up Core Blood.  That’s the Burgundy Blood that looks like it’s got like dolls in it!   I cleaned up that bathroom totally!   It took about 45 minutes, it was really bad.  And I sterilized that bathroom.  I didn’t want Donna and Charles freak out when they saw it.   I prayed to GOD for guidance.  And went downstairs to the living room.   Mark was sitting on their Love seat facing the front window.   He said, “Honey, can I please have a glass of water?”   “NO BABY, YOU ARE NPO RIGHT NOW, YOU JUST THREW UP YOUR LIFE, I’M CALLING 911, AND YOU WILL BE ADMITTED BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED WHOLE BLOOD JUST TO LIVE!”   I did call 911, and they came almost immediately.  Then as the firemen and EMT’s came in, I said a quick prayer, for GOD to keep their 2 dogs quiet, and not wake up Donna and Charles.   GOD did exactly that.

They carefully walked Mark down the stairs to a stretcher, then in the ambulense.  I gathered some personal things in a very large bag, and got in the front of the ambulense.   The driver said – “Where to?”   I Prayed and heard “KU!” I said, “KU Please!”  “On our way – No Problem!”    When we arrive Mark was rushed in, my bag was checked, then I was shewn where he was.   When I got next to Mark, he wasn’t much with it.  So the Doctor’s asked me, “What’s going on with him, he doesn’t look good.”   I told what had happened, and they put a ENG Tube down his throat and Mark EXPLODED!  Obviously Mark had been Bleeding Internally for a while, because he vomited almost 5 gallons of Core Blood there in the ER, with Bin after Bin of Core Blood.    When the guys came to get his blood, I said, “Please type and cross because he’s going to need whole blood to stay alive!”   The Doctor’s nodded and they agreed and ran toward the lab.   Then Mark was still throwing up so much!   I begged, “Please can you give Mark the strongest Anti Emetic you’ve got – Please!” The Doctor ordered something, I couldn’t quit hear what it was, but he gave it to Mark through his IV.  After about 5 minutes with Mark still throwing up, but not as much.

I asked the Doctor, “Can Mark have another dose of the Anti Emetic?”   “Of course he can”, and Mark got another dose.  Then it was like a MOVIE!   We were in a open bay in ER, and 5 Doctor’s and the like almost running toward us, “You did say you believe in whole blood transfusion?”   Mark and I said, “YES!”   They were putting the Blood in as they were explaining the risk and getting his signature.   The doctor said, he was being admitted to ICU, NPO.  Then Mark begged for a glass of Water.   I said, “Honey I said you were NPO, and couldn’t have any water!”   “You said exactly correct, if you had given Mark a glass of water, he would have drowned!”    Mark said, “Is that for real?  I would’ve drowned?”  The doctor said, “YES, that’s the danger of this disease!”   “What Disease?”   “Well talk to your wife, then we’ll talk to you!”

Mark was put in his room, then the doctor came to me, and motioned me out, to talk to him.  “Mark has a severe case of Hepatitis and that’s what’s caused the hemorrhaging.   If it wasn’t for you being there and not giving any fluid which you didn’t Mark would have easily died.  In fact he still can, that’s why we’ve got him in ICU and we’re giving him whole blood.  We’re going to have do a Scope to find out if he is still Hemorrhaging  inside and how much, we might be able to band it or something to stop his bleeding.   And if he survives this, and has another bleed, Mark will die!”   “I will do whatever I can to keep Mark alive and get him healthy!”   The DON joined us, “I’d like you to come down to my office, and offer you a job.  I’ve heard that you are a Nurse, am I correct?’   “Yes you are, can I come down when my husband is a bit more stable?”  “Of course, I’m mostly always here.”  Two days later, I went to her office, September 20, 2014.   I had a copy of my Nursing License, and other documentation along with my resume’.   I gave that all to her.   And filled out a very long application.   “I have to give you a questionnaire, I hope you don’t mind.”    I took the questionnaire and filled it out, and answered the questions.  500 of them, quit extensive.  I turned it in within 7 minutes.   She was surprised pleasantly.   She said, “I’ll get back to you within a very few days.”   The next afternoon, I was eating lunch in the Cafeteria and she came to me.   “Well you are better qualified than most that I’ve seen.  And your experience is excellent and I’d love to offer you a Job, but AFTER your husband, Mark is better or has died.   Sorry to put it like that, but you know I’m being honest about that, right?”   “Of course you are.  to be honest on my side, I don’t believe that I’d be much help to anyone till we know which way it’s going to go.”  At least it’s something I can fall on to get my life going again no matter how it goes, but I’ll tell you, that I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that Mark lives and gets Healthy!”   She told me that was commendable of me, and she agreed to hold my job till then.  She promised to keep in touch, and she’s done that since Mark got out of the hospital at KU!

September 22, 2014  The medical STAFF at KU, Gave Mark 5 Whole Blood Units, all at once to Protect the organs.  Then Mark went for his Scope.  He was given a twilight Anastasia so Mark would be awake or wake up as soon as he came back to his room.   Well he came back and wasn’t awake.   So Dr. Blaylock and I were encouraging Mark to Wake up for almost 20 Minutes, then I noticed that Mark’s monitor was FLAT, and pointed it out to Dr. Blaylock.

She Immediately called the CODE!   All of a sudden there was at least 15 people inside of Mark’s room.  Dr. Blaylock and I were still trying to wake him up, IV’s and tubes were going inside of Mark, then one of the Attendants tossed me a IV Kit.  One of the Doctor’s said, “She’s a Nurse that we’ve just hired, so can you put it in and hook it up?”   “Of course I can”, and I did – 1 try and it worked perfectly!  4 1/2 hours later Mark finally woke up!  “Doctor I don’t feel that sick, I want to go home with my wife, holding my hand.”   Dr. Blaylock was AMAZED!   “WHAT????? YOU’RE TALKING TO ME?”  I said, “Dr. Blaylock, I believe it might be a GOD Thing that Mark went through!”   He wasn’t aware yet, but I knew, I felt that in the Holy Ghost.

Mark was transferred to CCU (Cardiac Care Unit).   Matt, Mark’s ICU RN said, “You’re not going to like it there, it’s not at nice as here!”   But it was newer and much nicer.   Matt left a bad IV in Mark’s right arm and it was hurting.  I begged Matt more than once to please remove and change the IV, but he Refused, “That IV is just fine!”   NO IT WASN’T!  The very second a Doctor came in to Mark’s CCU room, I pointed it out and explained it.   The doctor removed it immediately without any discussion!   The doctor explained, “We are going have to Mark tested, but that Nurse was wrong, as you know, and he wouldn’t let you remove it, RIGHT?”   “That’s correct,” I said.   “What I’m worried about is Mersa, which will kill Mark much faster!”   “I Pray to GOD that he doesn’t have that!”   “From your lips to GOD’s ears!”  Mark was tested, we had to wait for 5 days for the results, they were pumping Mark full of real strong Anti Biotic Medication through Mark’s IV’s.   After 5 days, Mark was Walking with a walker freaking everyone including me, But I was Praising GOD!  Mark was actually doing better than Anyone expected.

After 12 days in CCU, Mark could be Discharged.  But not to home!   Mark was not well enough to go home, so he was sent to Presbyterian Manor here in KC, KS.  I of course went home, once Mark was on his way.   David, a very dear friend of mine, made it a point to get me to Presbyterian Manor every day when they opened and often I would leave after they closed their doors. I would call every morning at 4:45 AM to find out how Mark was doing and get the full report on Mark.   After 8 days there, Mark was allowed to come home.

I was so glad.  But all of a sudden Mark was put on a Large Battery of Prescriptions.   And living there at Donna’s and Charlie’s house was pleasant, but not our own place.   When we were there, we mostly were outside with David, another renter there.  He rented the room next to Donna and Charles’s Bedroom.

After 1 month, we finally got this apartment that we’re in.   We are saving to move in our home very soon, a few months from now.  3 or 4 more months from now.   And I so look forward to that.

Well the last time we went Dr. McGreevey’s our Interests.  She told us, “Well, Mark I don’t know why you are still on the Viread, because your last blood test didn’t show hardly any Hepatitis B!   Hepatitis A or B normally goes away on their own.   But C Doesn’t – That’s a Killer of the Liver.   Well Mark got pretty sick.   He was weak and had no energy.  Dr. Olson (Mark’s hepatologist), Borman (Mark’s cardiologists) and Dr. McGreevy all said “Mark has only 6 months to a year!”     At Dr. Olson’s office, he said, “Mark, I know that you’re loyal with your wife and she’s loyal with you, and you both love each other, so I want you, my dear to get tested, if you’re positive, you will be taken care of, and for you Mark, it’s either Surgery being the Liver Transplant or the Pill.   And I believe that the Pill gives you the best option!”   What a relief and so the Pill it was.

The Pills were due by Wednesday, and they didn’t arrive.   So I called the Hospital Pharmacy and they had Charles’s and Donna’s address as ours, the Harvoni medication had been delivered there! So I asked the Pharmacists, “How is Mark going to get this medication now.   “Well we are going to have to go over to the house, You don’t have their phone number, do you?”   “No I don’t, that phone won’t even charge anymore!”    “Contact the Postal Inspector Immediately!”   Which is exactly what I did.   Also Charles and Donna had not released one piece of Mail that we got from Arkansas where we had moved from!

The Postal Inspector’s did take a formal report and gave me a number, and even came over to our apartment, and knocked on our front door. “Did you leave that home on bad terms?”   “No not at all!”   “Well the medication was delivered to Charles in person and the Post Office Scanned it just before giving it to him.  So it looks like charges will be brought against the both of them, because the Post Officer state that both of them came to the door and said, “Thank You! I needed that!”   Charles had said that to the Postman.

Then Mark saw David downstairs visiting a friend here where we live, and David was Mad!   “I’ve had it Charles and Donna!   I caught them more than once in my room stealing stuff that I had!   I’m so glad I’m no longer living there!”

Well Mark did get his Harvoni, which is so very expensive ($43,746.00) and the Pharmacy Paid so Mark could get his medication.  So it was the KU Hospital put the Formal Charles and Donna.   I still pray for them.   Well Mark has been on Harvoni for 6 months.   And we’ve received the Call, that when Mark is done with this bottle, Dr. Olson will want to see Mark and test Mark.

I did take my Test for Hepatitis A, B, or C.   My test were 100% Negative!    And I consider that a Total Miracle of All Mighty GOD!   And Mark is getting better daily and feeling and looking better!   Glory Be Unto GOD!

So now it’s just a matter of weeks.   Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!   Jane.