Our Choices in 2012 – Will we chose the Right or the Wrong?

Our Choices in 2012 – Will we chose the Right or the Wrong?.


Our Choices in 2012 – Will we chose the Right or the Wrong?

First I must state before anything.  I have not hatred for this President or anyone else I speak of.  In fact I Pray to God for their souls and I ask GOD Daily to Bless Them.  I am a Christian, and as one, that’s what GOD WANTS!   And I must be about my Father’s Business!   So these are things that anyone with the Internet know, but our American News Media is No Longer the News, but suppressed.  America is clearly going in a very wrong direction – to be like that of Russia during the time of Lenin or Marx.   I was in Russia, during the Cold War, I see the start of that happening here.  And I am Praying a lot to GOD that it by the words that I and others write, that Truth Prevails.

There has been a huge amount of activity in Washington in the past few weeks, that hasn’t been in the News Media – As it use to be.  But it’s All on the Internet!  Remember how the News Night Was 4 Years ago?   Well today it’s more like what use to be Entertainment Tonight!   And no longer the News that would count.

Well the Democrats in Washington tried to put up Sopa!   Which would have killed the Internet!  Myself with Millions of others protested on the Internet, Phone and by mail against it, and guess what We Won!   Then Hillary Clinton was heard saying, “Well, now we can’t stop them, too many of them are awake as to what our real plan is – Damn It!!!!!”   She was practically screaming.  Yeah!  I’m Awake – Are YOU?  Or are you still blinded by the lies and corruption that still too many don’t even realize.  a few years ago, I got to know a very nice individual over the net.  He and I became political friends.   In June 2008, I was sent the files from BO’s family, his brother in Kenya who had them buried in his hut where he lives to this day.

A missionary went to Kenya in May 2008 to share Jesus with the locals.  One of them was BO’s brother.  Who not only accepted Jesus, but received the Holy Ghost, and was Water Baptized.  What a Blessing!  He went to the missionary and brought him to his hut.  He told the missionary, “My brother is going to destroy America, and I can’t allow that without trying to help stopping him.  Don’t you have to be an American born Citizen to be President?”

Of course – According to the Constitution – The Answer is Yes!   BO’s brother dug from the floor of his hut, a metal box wrapped in plastic and foil, and obviously for many years.    In that box was Medical Record, Transportation Records, and Birth Certificates and Citizenship Papers.   Well, as most everyone knows, on the white house web site, Obama has listed what he states is his birth certificate. just recently in February 2-12.  Why so long?   In February 2009 – questions where brought forth about the authenticity of that birth certificate.  Computer Forensic Examiners started to look at it.

He was born in Hawaii that same year that BO was – and his birth certificate looked nothing like the ‘Long Form’ that BO was showing everyone.  He did vote for Obama and did support him.  But as an American he cared about what was right and wrong.  So he eventually found out, First the white house web site birth certificate was NEVER a paper document.   It turns out that it was created on a computer!   With Adobe Illistrater – a very complected computer program if you don’t know quite a bit about Computer Programming.   Which is 90% of us.  I know some – NOT that much!

Now this guy lives in Arizona.  He really6 didn’t know where to go.  But he had some friends that he respected who were Tea Party members.  His friend knew the Sheriff personally.  So several meetings were set up, and they grew to 250 who went to Sheriff to show their greivence.   That is Constitutional!   When a Sheriff or Cop gets 1 person to tell them of a problem, they will check it out.  But when 250 good and honest citizens come in, it’s got to be real, and will be an investigation.  And there was.

Now let’s go back in time a bit.  In May 2009, Justice Suitor put a question up to Obama – To authenticate his birth records to the US Supreme Court.  April 16, 2009, Obama got on TV – I Saw it – He said, “I am as President Sealing All of My Personal and Professional Records from Now ON!”   And he signed it right on Live TV!   Then a few weeks later – Justice Suitor was forced out and Soynia was pushed in like I had NEVER Seen before in my 55 years of life at that point. I wouldn’t believed that to be possible – But I saw it happen.   And what did she want to do at the US Supreme Court?   “I want to Make Policy Now!”  WHAT?

The whole reason of the US Supreme Court is to UP HOLD the US Constitution! And the Laws thereof! That is the ONLY job the US Supreme Court is suppose to do.  But lets face it, until Today – they hadn’t been following the US Constitution since the 1880s!   Today – It looks like according to the Internet that the 64 -73% of Americans (Depending what poll and when you look at it ) Obama Care has been Out Lawed as Un – Constitutional!   This is HUGE!   Obama has stated if it didn’t pass – he had no chance of winning another election.   But in February 2009 “I’m not even going to run again – But try to be leader of the World!”

But then again, another busy time in Washington DC, Obama and his cronies did put out a Peacetime Martial Law.   If implemented – America will be DEAD!  No Constitution, No Bill of Rights – No Justice System and No Declaration of Independence – ALL at ONCE!   God to YOU TUBE.com  Alert!  Obama Declares Peacetime MARTIAL LAW!   And Learn – in case you don’t know yet.  And BO didn’t use the Senate or the US Congress for this Law.  There was Never a Discussion in the Senate or Congress on this – None of them had NO IDEA that this bill had been written, much less signed into Law!  I sent it to the One’s I knew, they were absolutely SHOCKED!

Now my friend, Lucus did go to Kenya, and paid a great deal of MONEY, but obtained the Identical Birth Certificate that was sent to me in June 2008.  The only difference between the 2.  Is mine was scanned onto a computer and e-mailed to me.   But it did come from a Physical Document!   All of the Files in That Folder on My Computer where from Physical Documents from Kenya!

BO’s Birth Certificate was Forensically torn apart and verified that it was made in at least 47 Layers!   The one that I have, my personal, my husband’s is 1 layer and quite Physical!   The Sheriff in Phoenix, Arizona who has been under so much fire from Obama and Washington, so has that who state – They wanted to Validate the Birth Certificate – but the more they looked the worse it got.  BO’s birth certificate is in 47 layers.  And the stamps that must be present can be moved to any position.   BO’s birth certificate was made with Adobe Illistrater.

There’s a New News Conference that was held on March 27, 2012, on BO’s BC and his Selection Service Card.  Sadly that is a Forgery as well.  They Must by Federal Law have the stamp Years as 1980.  BO’s has 80.  That sadly is also Criminal under Federal Law!  It’s at You Tube – Look it up Please!   It’s Sheriff Joseph Apario Again and Thank GOD for Such Individuals in America Today!  He has been under fire from Obama on a Personal level so many times.  So has the State of Arizona – Even to the Point of Obama stating that their Laws Violated the Constitution.   Isn’t that a Bit Hypocritical?   With what Obama has state about the Constitution being Illegitimate More times than I can count that would make him a hypocrite in Any BOOK!

There has been many outlandish statements that have been made on both sides.   A few weeks ago they tried to get SOPA through!   That would have KILLED the Internet!   Thank God it Failed and we still have Internet!   As soon as I saw it!  I was everywhere but here studying it and talking how wrong it was.   When it failed to come about and kill the internet – Which they have been attempting for over 16 months.  A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton, said,  “Well, too many of the people today now KNOW our Plan, they have their eyes open as to what our Plan is – DAMN IT!”  She didn’t know the Mike was ON.  Or so she stated later.

Remember what Richard Nixon said when he left the White House after being Impeached?   I was very young then, but I did.   And I never forgot it because who my mother was and how I was growing up.   I became aware at a very young age.   “Damn IT!   You can Kill all the People, but don’t Kill the Plan!”  I knew then what the Plan was.  I had heard the PLAN discussed in the Den of the home I grew up in.  It was the Democrat Party House at the West Coast in Los Angeles!  My late mother was Bobby Leonard of California Coast Escrow Corporation.  Residential and Commercial Escrows that sometimes came so close to the edge, the FBI was a regular visitor at her place of business.  And our home when the National Drug Act came into force in 1968.  My mother did 2 years in prison for Drugs Sales out of her home.   She was a friend of the Kennedy’s, Johnson, Brown, Tip O’Neal and Too many others.  Oh, the stories I could tell.  But I wouldn’t have long to live, if I did.  So I don’t.

Now over the years, surely you must remember this.  They tried to give us Bob Dole.  Then they tried to give us John McCain.  Now that was recently.  Now those same individuals are trying to push Mitt Romney.   Please don”t be deceived.   Mitt Romney is Obama just on the other side of the coin.   He does Corporations like my mother did.  Find a decent size Corporation, buy them out, then close them and take the profits.   This is what my mother and what Mitt Romney does in life to Increase their Wealth!   And it works!   It has for Decades and still does.   The problem is – It takes the Jobs of those working for the corporation, and their homes.   I’ve never seen this as ethical or moral.  In fact I see this Vain Capitol way of doing business quite deceitful and wrong in too many ways! during the 1929 depression that made his family not hurt much at all.  But others did get hurt.  That’s the Romney way.  Some may get hurt, but you will keep your head above water.  Is that the man you really want as your president?   NOT ME!

When Mitt Romney was fighting so hard in Minnesota a local reporter asked Mitt Romney about being the Key Adviser with Obama Care – which he was.  Mitt Romney leered at the reporter with such judgment looks as he walked away not saying a word.   That is NOT the man I want as my President.  He is arrogant and according to him – Always Right!  No Matter What!   Doesn’t that sound like Obama?   Please think about that.   Money was never a problem to him.   Mitt Romney comes from Incredible Wealth.   He learned well from his father, who survived the 1929 Great Depression in America and how to survive at any cost.  Not my choice.

The man that he was running against there and every where is Rick Santorum.  Much has been said about him.   A lot of lies because the people that support Mitt Romney and Ron Paul get scary at times and are BLIND!   They can’t see their own TRUTH!   I’ll get to that later.   When Rick Santorum is asked a question that some think might put him in a corner, he throws it right back in their faces, with an appropriate answer, and sometimes strikes up a nice conversation.   That is the man that I Want as My President.

On the You Tube Videos – Most of them have Full Web Sites as well.  When I put them here on my word press blogs – None of them show up where you can access them.  So I’m not even bothering putting them up anymore.  But I am telling you about them so you can find them yourselves – which I pray you do. The internet has both a lot of lies on it.  But also the Truth – ‘If you know how to read between the lines’ – As the old saying would say.  That was a saying when Russia was falling to Tyranny.  Thought I would add that in as an example.  Rick Santorum is a Honest, Ethical and Consistent Gentleman.  I believe that America needs such an individual for a Change we can Really Believe in!

Now I know that he’s a Catholic.  HEY, There are many Catholics that GOD will take up to the Rapture when it happens.   Yes I believe in that.  And, it wasn’t some little farm lady in England during the 1860’s that first spoke about it either.   The first one to speak of the Rapture was the Shepard of Herminese.  He was a follower of JESUS and the other disciples.   He first spoke of it in Ephesus less than 3 months after Jesus ascended to Heaven.  He was one of the witnesses who saw that.   And, Jesus Himself described in Matthew 24: 40-41.  In verse 42, Jesus says, “WATCH therefore, for ye know not when your Lord doth come.”

So YEAH!   I believe in it.  My Lord and Savior described it.   And it’s throughout the Old and New Testament.   If it was true, then why is 1 Corinthians 15: 51-58 there?   That talks of the CHANGE that will happen to us believers in a split second.  In order to participate in Meeting the Lord forever in the air – 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18.   Something to think about?  Of course it is. The Holy Bible is The Most Amazing Book ever Written with So many Truths in it to Guide US ALL to the TRUTH!  What a Blessing to have such a Father in GOD who Loves us that much to give us the total Instructions to Not go to Eternal Damnation.  What a Blessing Indeed!

In this, I’m not trying to tear apart or judge anyone!   I am just mearly putting up the Truth as GOD has shewed me in these past quite a few weeks.  My prayer is that people will open their eyes to the Truth of GOD!   It cost nothing!  It’s totally Free.   And the Truth will Always set you FREE!   That’s the idea.  America needs to set FREE and FREE INDEED.  That is my Prayer.

Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless!   Jane.