This is Mark and Me before he got Sick and we can make this picture AGAIN! Hallelujah Amen!

This is Mark and Me before he got Sick and we can make this picture AGAIN!  Hallelujah Amen!

Mark Survived a MI – Miocardia Infraction! We left our House in Hot Springs National Park, because it was bought from us as we living there! i promise, the next house we buy will be for CASH! That way No One can take it From US!

Mark had not been feeling well! We left Arkansas and moved to Kansas City, Kansas. One of my Friends here on FB, Charles said that he had a room in back of his house that we could rent for $5.00 a Day! We took it! And we took care of my 2nd. MOM who is 92 years young!

Well Mark Finally got to meet her. She told me, “Jane, now you’ve married a real good guy!” And she made me make a promise to her in front of Mark, “Now Daughter, please promise me that you won’t live far from me again in another state!” I Looked over at Mark and he shoot his head YES! So I Agreed! Mom and Mark got along Great! They deeply love each other! And I thank GOD for that!

Well, while we were living in Charles and Donna’s House (built in 1921 and Beautiful!) the bathroom was upstairs. Around 3:00 AM, Mark got out of bed and said he was feeling sick. So we got up quietly, I waited downstairs, while Mark went upstairs and got sick. I soon followed up there.

Mark went downstairs, not feeling good at all! “I’ll be sitting on the couch.” I had to clean up the bathroom. Mark had thrown up, what I call Core Blood – Your LIFE! After thoroughly Cleaning their bathroom (I didn’t want Donna to see it – she would have freaked!)

I saw Mark sitting on the couch. He asked me, “Honey can I have some water or something to drink?” I said, “NO BABY, YOU JUST THROUGH UP YOUR LIFE, I’M PUTTING YOU NPO AND CALLING 911!”

Less than 5 minutes later 7 fireman and EMS showed up. I explained what happened, when they asked Mark, he answered the same. The let him out of the house, carefully down the front stairs. I followed and rode in the Ambulense with a big SAMS bag of my Clothing and Nightgowns and Personals that I gathered in that 5 minutes.

The EMS driver asked me where to take him, I said a short prayer to GOD – “Where to Lord GOD?” Then I heard in my heart and soul, KU! So I said KU! The EMS driver, said, “That’s a excellent hospital, they will take good care of your husband!” I thanked him.

When we arrived, they check my back (for Security) then I went in to join with Mark in the Emergency Room. He had told the Doctor’s that he through up a lot of blood in the bathroom, and I put him on NPO when he asked for something to drink. They told him I saved his life. And what was I? Mark told them I had been a RN!

When I walked in the Doctor’s told me, “Good Job! You Saved his life!, Now Can you tell us what exactly happened?” I explained what I knew, and asked for a type and cross-match for a Whole Blood Transfusion, that Mark was going to need it, and be put into ICU!

They told me, “YOU did GOOD!. Now I know that all of our Bodies hold only 8 to 9 Pints of Blood. But Mark we found out later had been Hemorrhaging Internally for at least 4 Months!

They put a ENG Tube in his nose and it started draining blood, then Mark EXPLODED 4.8 GALLONS OF BLOOD! I was scared, Mark was getting weaker and weaker, but I stayed strong enough to stay there. I didn’t panic, I did however Pray very Hard to All Mighty GOD!

After several minutes of this, I asked the Doctor, Could you Please give Mark an Anti-Emetic so that he can stop vomiting Blood? The Doctor Agreed and ordered it.

Now this part was like a MOVIE or Something! The next thing I saw was 5 Doctors almost running towards us, 1 holding 2 plastic bottles of whole blood and 1 with paperwork. “YOU DID ASK FOR TYPE AND CROSS-MATCH, YOU DO BELIEVE IN WHOLE BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS DON’T YOU?” Mark and I said in Unison, “YES!!!!!!” Mark’s hemoglobin was at 1.8 and his BMI was only at 1.5. Mark was Dying! They asked him, are you willing to take the risk of receiving whole blood, Mark said YES! They explained all the risk, and showed the paper work to him as the other one was putting Whole Blood into him!

Mark was admitted to ICU for 17 Days! During that time, he had a Scope to find out and band the Hemorrhaging that he had been going through. The GI Doctor told me, “He has been Hemorrhaging for at least 4 Months, he should have been DEAD after 1 month of bleeding like that! I’ve heard of it before, but I’ve never seen it! He should have been DEAD already!” He was totally freaked!  He did the Scope on Mark, that he had still not awoken yet!   I asked him, “What type of Anastasia did you use on him?”   He told me, “I just used a Twilight.”   I asked him, “Shouldn’t Mark be already awake?”   He said, “Yes, but he’ll wake up, he’s OK.”  Then he walked out.  In the mean time, Dr. Babcock was still trying to wake up Mark!   And he wasn’t awake yet.

I noticed an Anomaly in his heart monitor and pointed it out to Dr. Babcock.  She goes, “OH MY, I’ll call Cardiology!’  I told her, “We need a 12-Lead EKG and a ECHO to find out exactly what has happened to Mark.”  She Agreed and went out to call.  I kept on trying to wake up Mark, to no avail. She came back and told me, “I’ve called Cardiology for the EKG and ECHO CARDIOGRAM!   It had been a LONG time since I had worked in Cardiology, but I did understand quite a bit more than I thought I was capable off!

Dr. Backcock came back in the room and assisted me in trying to wake up Mark.  Then the alarm went off because Mark’s heart went FLAT-LINED!  There was about 10 Doctor’s and Nurses in his room, they ran out of hands, and I begged them, “Don’t give up on Mark, because I have a promise from All Mighty GOD that I wouldn’t lose Mark right now!” They agreed and not a beat was missed.  They asked me, quickly “Can you do a quick IV?”   I said, Yes, they yelled out, what to give me, I ran out of the room and got the IV Kit and the Medication, and when back in the room and inserted the IV in Mark’s left arm.  Started the IV and the medication started to go into Mark.   One of them said, “YUP, You Definitely Know What Your Doing!   Great Job!”

We were All Trying to wake Mark back up!   It seemed to be Hours, but it was only 30 Minutes.   Normally after 8 to 12 minutes with your heart down, your brain is mush!  Nothing there.   But after 4 and 1/2 hours, Mark slowly but surely woke up.   I was standing next to him, holding his hand, and Dr. Babcock was next to me.   Mark woke up and said, “Doctor, I’m not really that sick, am I?  I want to go home”   Dr. Babcock said, “MY GOD!!!!  You Are TALKING?”  MARK YOU DIED, YOU TERRIFIED YOUR WIFE AND EVERYONE IN THIS HOSPITAL! YOU ARE FAR TO SICK TO GO HOME OR LEAVE THIS HOSPITAL AND YOUR WIFE AGREES WITH ME!”   I shook my head and grabbed Mark and Kissed him.   Then I asked him, “Honey, did GOD have a little Talk with YOU?”   Mark said, “Yeah!   He did, but I don’t remember much of it right now.”   I told him, “Honey it’s going to take a little time.  Remember David Wise couldn’t explain his experience for over 2 years.”   Mark, said, “Yeah you’ve got that right!”

Throughout the rest of the 8 days that Mark remained in ICU, Doctors from Everywhere in the Hospital and Nurses kept visiting with him, letting him know that what he went through and survived makes a genuine Miracle of GOD!   Because Medically he should’ve  been DEAD Several Times OVER!   I was Praising GOD that I still

Well, Mark and I lived in the ICU together for 8 more days, then it was off to Cardiac Care on the other side of KU Medical Center.   We had several Visits from My Family Members and our Church Family.  That was a Blessing.   Sometimes they had to wait, in the waiting room before coming in because Mark was in a procedure with a doctor or 2.

Everyone in ICU told us, “You aren’t going to Like Cardiac Care as good as here in ICU!!!”   Guess what?   It was Newer and Much more Accommodating for me and other family members in Every Room!  I washed Our Clothing in the Bathroom by hand.   And I Stayed in Very Close Touch with our Church Family and My Family and Donna and Charles!

My Sister, Gena text me one day, “Sis is there Anything I can do for you?   Love you and God Bless!  Gena”    I text her back, “Well I would love to go to Walmart to get a few things maybe after you get off of work?”   She text back, “I’ll be there right around 5:30 and I can take you to Walmart and back to KU!   “In her car, she told me, “Mom had her cancerous Kidney removed here at KU and If Anyone gets sick, we always go to KU!   You put Mark in the Best Hospital in America!   They got number 1 last week!”   I told her “I totally believed her because I believe that Mark wouldn’t be alive had I not brought him here!”   She agreed with me!  And she was happy that Mark was Alive!   She loves Me and Mark as Well!

Well, Mark spent only 12 Days in Cardiac Care, but he wasn’t well enough to go home.   So his Social Worker and Doctors put Mark in Presbyterian Manor for 9 Days.   Then Mark came home!   I couldn’t live with him there at the Manor.  They don’t allow Family to live there with their Family Members!   So I went back to Charles and Donna’s house!   But my Brother, David made a Point that I had a Ride to the Manor Every Day and Got to Spend the Day with Mark!

Well it’s been 3 months.  This is January 11, 2014 and Mark is getting better and better!   He lost 60 pounds when He Was Sick!   But he’s gained a bit back!   He is feeling better every day and I thank GOD!   My Friends on Facebook had daily Pictures from KU, and what all was happening!   I came very Closed to Losing Mark!    And we have our own home now.  Not a house yet.   But we do have a very nice apartment!  And we are happy here for a time!

But He Plans to Live at least 25 plus years!   And I Praise GOD for that!   Please leave your Comments.


Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.


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