And I give All the Glory and Honor to All Mighty GOD!    My Beloved Husband of 18 Years grew up in Catholic Orphanages.   He could Never be adopted because His Mother (God Rest Her Soul)! Never gave Mark Up to the Catholics!   The Catholics, Forced Mark from his Mother when he was just weeks old!   This was common of People who came from other Nations in WWII to Ellis Island!   Mark’s Mother came over from France 7 Months Pregnant with Mark!   But he was the Second Baby for her!  


As the result of all of this, Mark could never be adopted!   And he’s never known the idea of Anyone in his Biological Family until Today!   Someone we met when we first arrived here in Kansas City, Kansas, became fast friends of us!    Well after knowing them, and talking to them, We Discovered Today!   Mark met his Niece and her Daughter, his Grand Niece!   And My Prayer to GOD of Mark’s Family would accept the Both of us, because we are Bi-Racially Happily Married!


And I have a Web Site that is 3 Days Old!   I am a Amazon Affiliate!    So Anything that Amazon Sells, My Site Sells, but at a Discounted Price!   Now how Nice is That?   And you Still get the Same Quality Customer Service!   And Free Shipping!   Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless!  Jane.



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