I have Prayed to All Mighty GOD, and I believe that people in America are waking up!   Less and less people are supporting this Administration.

In Iraq Today, it’s a choice, to pay a large fine, or turn to being Muslim!  Or be Killed!   And Obama is doing nothing.   This is ISIS that took over Iraq after Obama pulled our Military OUT and let them know the Date without leaving any Contingent!

What I see is Obama has no back bone!   He has made our enemies our friends and our friends our enemies.  He has turned the who world upside down!  What use to Wrong is not Right or Correct!

I remember 10 years ago, when things that people are stating as fact would have never been said! Things that are being done would never have been allowed.   And the idea of our American President having a Enemies List just because we may disagree with his policies would have never been allowed.    But no one says anything about this.   Yet our Military Hero’s are being arrested Today for Post of disagreement of this Administration and Obama on Facebook!

My GOD, what’s Next?

Obama Promised to the most Transparent President in History.   Yet he’s been the exact opposite!   How much more do we have to put up with.  He has filled our schools with Lies, and Our Health Care with Death Labs, and Increased medical waste and the lack of patient care.

So How much more?   The way I see it, This Administration is doing their level best is the destruction of all that has been good in America!

I just want to live my life in Peace!   I Pray for those this Administration, including Obama!  And I pray for Israel to be Successful!   Israel is not the Terrorists!   You be the Judge., HAMAS puts Missals in Children’s School Rooms, and in their bedrooms of Private Homes.  They put Children where Israel has Warned a Specific Target, that’s why so many Children have been killed! In the mean time Israel has been still giving aid and Medical Help to HAMAS!  So who are the Monsters?

Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.


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