Well The Royals of England came to America Today!

As far as Comparisons to Anyone – Her Mother – In – Law or Michelle.   Hey, Can’t anyone else see?   The Future Queen of England has more Class than Mrs. Obama or Sadly her late Mother In Law!   She is also 5 Months Pregnant!   I’ve not seen ONE WORD about THAT!   I find that Amazing!   So Comparisons don’t even make sense..  Kate is acting wholly Appropriate and Elegant just as is always expected with British Royalty!   It’s Always been Like That!   And I believe that the America Prapraratzi had been get their facts strait when it comes to talking about the British Royals!

William of course is the Son of Diana, and Kate was the Duchess of Cambridge.   They have been chosen to be the Next King and Queen of England!   It hasn’t been made Official YET, but I Promise you that comes from personal knowledge and Love that I am not willing to share just yet.

I just pray for Peace throughout the World, and for All to have a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed and Happy New Year for the coming year!   And Jesus Is the Reason for the Season!   God Bless You All!

Jane Millar


Just wanting to live in Peace and Truth

Is there anyone like me?   I am horrified of the way that America is going.   I Pray everyday for the government for America, and the Souls of the World.   And I’m am more than tired of Inaccuracies and Lies out of Washington!  I’ve never in my 60 years of Life as a Born American seen so many lies come out of Washing from members of Both Parties and Independents!

I am totally shocked that America has been gullible enough to believe the Liars of 2008 and especially in 2012, even after he PROMISED “I will commit Corruption to Win, if I have too!”  That was Obama on YouTube back in 2010.  I had it on my Old Laptop that got stolen October 5th, 2014!   So I honestly do not know if it’s still even there.

So many lies from Washington and the Media!   For My Family – It was Easy for my Family to see, that it was absolutely Crucial that the Me, that Obama Had TO WIN IN 2012 TO SAVE THEIR JOBS!

I don’t blame the Blacks for voting for Obama in 2008.  We could have recovered from that.  But NOW???????  Only All Mighty GOD Knows.  I have my Sincere Doubts!   ME?  I’m just looking forward toward the Rapture!   And PLEASE don’t tell me it’s “NOT IN THE BIBLE!’   My Dear Friends  the Word Rapture isn’t in the Bible, but either is the Word Bible, and No One appears to have a problem with the recognition of the WORD BIBLE!

I assure you that the Meaning of what the Rapture is and what it means is in the Bible.  Jesus even described it to his Disciples and never dismissed their questioning of that!  Matthew 24:40-41.   If you read and pray about it, I believe that’s where Tim Lahaye got the idea for his first books title – Left Behind!

There’s more Truth and Love in the Bible.   Also Jesus Talked more on HELL than anyone else.  Now I hear stories of Pastors (Once called of GOD) now preaching in Support of Abortion and Homosexuality!   HHM, Where are they getting THOSE things out of My KJV Holy Bible?????    Because it’s NOT THERE!   In Fact One is Murder and the other a Abomination Unto All Mighty GOD!

I’m not going to argue with GOD – He’s the Creator and that would be more than a sin for me!!!!   It it’s in the Holy Bible, I can accept it, but if my Holy Bible speaks against something, I have to follow that and I do.

You see, The Holy Bible says to Love the Sinner, but not the Sin!   So I can Love those that are or have, but I don’t have and can’t support it!

I wish no evil or hatred toward anyone!   Even those that might Disagree with me.   And I’m no one’s judge!  You see That’s Up To GOD!   He’s The Judge!   I just want to live in Peace and Harmony in the home that we have chosen to live here in Kansas!   And Since GOD Loves Every One Far More than Anyone, Even those of us Blessed with His Holy Ghost, I Can Honest Love All!   So I bid you All Love and Peace for This Holiday Season and I Pray for a Better Year for Us All in this World which is not my home.  I’m just passing by.    Merry Christmas and Have a Peaceful and Happy New Year!

Jane Millar