Well The Royals of England came to America Today!

As far as Comparisons to Anyone – Her Mother – In – Law or Michelle.   Hey, Can’t anyone else see?   The Future Queen of England has more Class than Mrs. Obama or Sadly her late Mother In Law!   She is also 5 Months Pregnant!   I’ve not seen ONE WORD about THAT!   I find that Amazing!   So Comparisons don’t even make sense..  Kate is acting wholly Appropriate and Elegant just as is always expected with British Royalty!   It’s Always been Like That!   And I believe that the America Prapraratzi had been get their facts strait when it comes to talking about the British Royals!

William of course is the Son of Diana, and Kate was the Duchess of Cambridge.   They have been chosen to be the Next King and Queen of England!   It hasn’t been made Official YET, but I Promise you that comes from personal knowledge and Love that I am not willing to share just yet.

I just pray for Peace throughout the World, and for All to have a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed and Happy New Year for the coming year!   And Jesus Is the Reason for the Season!   God Bless You All!

Jane Millar


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