It’s 2015, a New Year and a New Start for Us All!

2014 was filled for Mark and I with a lot of Ups and Downs.   Personally Mark and I are Closer to Each other, Closer to GOD than we’ve ever been.   And I give GOD the Glory and Honor!

Now to let you know what I’m talking about, please let me start from the beginning.   Back in 1969, the day of the Bangladesh Concert in New York.   Hank a very dear friend of Mark had put his 2 month old Buick in a shop to make sure the Belts were OK and fluids were proper.   What Hank didn’t know, is the shop had change out his Driving Pin.

Well Hank picked up Mark and they were on the way to pick up 2 others.  But they didn’t make it.  They lost control of the vehicle going towards the UN, with a Police car right behind them.  The Police could see what happened, so they called it in, and steered the other vehicles in the road away from Hank and Mark.   Hank crashed his car under the UN, (Keep in mind there were no seat belts back in 1969)  Mark went through the front wind shield. And Hank ended up on the front hood of the Car.   Mark landed 50 feet ahead of the car.

The 2 Policeman could see they were both badly hurt.  So they threw Mark and Hank in the back seat of the Police Car and rushed with sirens to Belview Hospital.  Mark almost lost his right hand, and during surgery where the doctors were saying, “Can you feel this, Can you feel that?”  Mark was given 2 units of Blood. (There was no testing of Blood in 1969, and Belview Hospital use to pay $35.00 to give a unit of Blood, just asking questions, and mostly being lied to.)  He asked about Hank, and wasn’t told anything.  But Mark was insistent.  He was told later that Hank was in a Coma.

So Mark made arrangements to Move Hank and Himself to Beth Israel Hospital in New York City.  That took about 2 weeks, but Mark despite his injuries made the way for that to happen.   Hank woke up at Beth Israel, and the first thing he asked about, was Mark.   The nurse let Mark know that his friend, Hank was awake and asking for him.  Mark went into Hank’s room with his hand and arm in a cast.   Hank was horrified, “Hey Dude are you alright?”   Mark re-assured Hank and they spent about 4 hours together talking and reminiscing.   They were good friends.

Three weeks later, both Mark and Hank were Discharged from Beth Israel.   Hank owned a Brownstone just off Central Park in NYC.   Mark lived very near by owning another Brownstone.   Mark also owned his own business with 5 shops throughout New York City.   He made a point of getting in touch with them and see how everything was going, and how his finances looked.  He knew that he had been in the accident, and he felt different.   “It’s like I didn’t have the strength that I did before, I was more tired, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,  So I just kept pushing, and doing the best I could.   I kept my businesses going and made some HUGE money. but I had to rest more and sleep more, but I didn’t have time, so I kept pushing.”