Good Morning All – This is the Day that GOD Gave.

Well it’s hovering around 30 to 31 and it’s all white and snowy outside.   It looks kind of pretty.   It’s the type of snow right now that you can make great snowmen out of.   Is anyone game?   There are so many BAD things in the news, ISIS has decapitated that Japanese Journalist.  The pictures are HORRID.  And Measles the MOST contagious Disease known to man is growing.  You see someone infected and not knowing they have measles, in a store.  If another person comes to that same area, they can become infected because they are breathing the same air the infected one did.   And that can be 2 hours later.   That’s how infectious Measles IS!   This is Dangerous.

This last week I was doing research on my Late Husband.  His name was William Elliot Cressey.   We were married December 16, 1972, and he Died January 17, 1976 of Osteogencic Sarcoma of the Spine.  True that disease doesn’t and hasn’t hit anyone but BILL with that disease prior to the age of 55.  And Bill was only 26 when he died.  We were married 3 Years, 1 Month and 1 Day!   I was 23, with 2 very you babies.  They were 8 Months, and 2 years old when their Daddy died. I was only 23.  But Bill gave me a promise before we got married.   No matter if I’m alive or dead, you will always have a roof over your head, and food in your pantry.   At the time, I thought that was a strange promise, but he emphisied it 5 times during our marriage, before he died.  Well I was on the internet the other day, and checking for lost money on various sites, And I believe it was GOD, but I put in Bill’s Name.   And Money kept showing up!   I was on the phone with a few of them.

Bill and I had bought a home in North Park, San Diego on the Corner of 42nd and Bell Drive.   It was a 4 Bedroom 3 Bath, with a Huge Kitchen,Fireplace, Walk-In Closets and a Nice Back Yard.  A Very Picturous Neighborhood.  We settled in – We had moved there from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles 6842 Lubao Ave.  Canoga Park, California 91316. We got settled there, then decided to take a trip up to Los Angeles to see the Family!   His parents and my parents.  We were at his parents house, they had the TV on.   Us ladies were in the kitchen making lunch for everyone.  Then Harold, Bill’s Dad screamed out – “Jane get in here, Your House is GONE, it got hit by a Pan Am Plane that didn’t make it to San Diego!!!!!!!   We all ran out to the living room.  Bill put his arms around me, “Sorry Baby, we lost everything!”   “That’s OK, I know that GOD will see our family through! My GOD it looks like a WAR there, Nothing of that neighborhood is there!”

Today that part of North Park is A Heavy Gang Area, and Products where many people live today.   32 Died on the ground when that plain hit.  An entire neighborhood that was of love, beautiful homes and sidewalks are all gone today. Well Bill’s brother who was there is a Attorney – So after we ate, David took us to his office.   And drew up a Law Suite against Pan Am.   They would be served the next day.   Two days after we heard from Pan Am.  A Cashiers Check for $750.000.00.  The case never went to court.   We also had the home-owner’s insurance pay from All-State – That check was $285,950.00 what we had paid for our house.

And we still owned our Lubao house and were renting it.  We wanted to save money, Bill wanted to retire before he was 35, Sadly he didn’t live that long.  When he died, it was of a RARE CANCER that was verolent, Insidious and Cruel  And No Cure – Even Today!   So since Bill was in the Navy, and stationed at Coronado Bay near San Diego, we got Government Housing.  Most assuredly, not nearly as our – the one that was destroyed, but it was sufficient for our little family to live.

Well Bill worked on the Base most of the time.  But of course everyone knows a guy in the Navy will have to go on Ship Board. We were living our lives from day to day.   We had been married for just over 2 years and he got orders for ship board.  He had before our marriage been on the White Planes and had been working so hard to get on The Enterprise which was THE SHIP everyone wanted to be on,   Well the Enterprise was brought into Cornodo, and Us Families were invited to take a 2 day trip on it.   Of course Bill wanted us to, and I wanted to go on it.   The experience was like no other.  The Ship was a city!   When we got back, we were only back for 3 weeks, then I was say Bye to Bill leaving on West-pack.   Little did I know, that would be the Last time I’d see him walk!    He was Happy and felt great.  I made him a nice breakfast before he left for West – Pack.   He would be gone for 6 Months.   Viet Nam was all over the News and they were on the way there.   3 months later, I got a notice from the Red Cross and the Department of the Navy, that Bill wasn’t able to get out of his bunk, and was being sent to Alameda to the Naval hospital.   So I gathered the Children and packed us all in the Car and got on the Freeway to go to Alameda.   I got there at the Alameda Naval Hospital just before Bill was brought in, but they knew that he was on his way.

It turned out, that Bill didn’t have a Spine!   It had been eaten away as the result of the Cancer.   The Navy Doctor’s had no idea what was going on.  They knew it was a Cancer, but one they had Never Seen before.   Bill was sent to the Simi VA, and was going to receive a medical Discharge from the Navy June 14, 1976.   Well, he didn’t live that long.   Bill died January 17, 1972.

It was probably the most difficult time of my life.  But as I look back on it today, I’ve discovered that I learned so many things that i used in my life.   Our children were not old enough to understand.   I visited Bill everyday when he was in the hospital and we could see the deterioration of Bill right before our faces.   When we had come in to see Bill on Thanksgiving day, the Doctor’s pulled me aside and told me that Bill had Ostegenic Sarcoma of the Spine and there was absolutely NO CURE or Cancer Treatment that had or would work.   That Bill would be dying within 6 Months.  Of course he didn’t last no six months, he died January 17, 1976 at 4:02 AM.   I couldn’t sleep so We went to the hospital to be with Bill.   We were with him when he passed.   He was nothing of the beautiful man that I had married just over 3 years before.  Bill was 180 Pounds, 6′ 3″.  With Black hair and Deep Blue eyes.   Just before he died, he had White hair and not very much of it, and he didn’t quite weigh 60 pounds.

The Department of the Navy didn’t immediately Release his body to me to bury Bill’s body.  He wanted to buried in Forest Lawn.   Well after many phone calls and the like I got a Presidential Envoy with a Certified Letter that had also been sent to the Department of the Navy to RELEASE the Body of William Elliot Cressey to his widow, Jane E. Cressey with no restrictions whatsoever!    It was President Ford that made that possible with His Signature on it!   I buried Bill at Forest Lawn March 24, 1976 at 1:00.

I made my home in our Lubao Home.   4 days after I buried Bill, I got a notice from the IRS on Inheritance Taxes, I had to leave my home, because they considered that house to be an inheritance.   Even though it was our primary residence and I had 2 minor children that didn’t matter to the IRS!    So I contacted my GOD Mother – She owned Stabile Reality and the franchise of Century 21 AKA C 21.   To see if she had Something.   Well Glory to GOD she had a very clean Foreclosure.  I ended up buying a 5 bedroom 3 bath in West wood, California.   It was 4,387 Sq. Ft.   I figured that Bill would have loved that house.  The neighborhood was unbelievable!   There were writers, producers, and attorneys that lived in that neighborhood.   This was not a poor neighborhood, in fact the majority of people who lived there were Millionaires.   That wasn’t me, but I never let them know how much money  I did or didn’t have.   I owned the house Free and Clear and only had utilities, insurance and cable to pay.   And none of that costs very much.  Most that I made as a RN went to the Savings Account!

Well I lost that beautiful Home in 1994 with the Simi Earthquake.  It took me 2 1.2 Hours to get out of that house, because it Collapsed.   And the Streets were all chopped up.  I had married Edward Casanova in 1998..   He was hardly ever home, he wanted me to put the house in both of our names.  I refused, because I wanted to protect my children. Ed wasn’t happy about that, but I had used my money after Bill died to buy that house and I was going to keep in my name alone.

Well Ed ended up as a serial Murderer.and died at San Quintin Prison in 2001  I had divorced him for adultery and worse back February 1996.   I hadn’t been with ED since 1995.    I married Mark, who I love dearly March 17  1997.

Mark and I got married in Austin, Texas, and today we make our home in Beautiful Kansas City, Kansas.   The amount of Money I will be getting from Bill’s estate (?) will pay CASH for our House Here, and CASH for our Vehicle – I want a Suburouh, and then a FAT Bank Account!    And that will be after our Tithe to our Church!   Bill kept his word, and for that I’m greatful that I married him.   The truth of the matter is, I still and will always love Bill.  And Thank GOD, that Mark Understands that.

Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.


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