Obama Is The First Illegal President and Must Go! Here’s the PROOF!

Obama Is The First Illegal President and Must Go! Here's the PROOF!.


Obama Is The First Illegal President and Must Go! Here’s the PROOF!

I know that there are many who who support Obama.  And honestly I do not understand exactly why?  He claimed when he was born in Hawaii.  That would have been no problem with me.  I so much wanted Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream speech come TRUE!   As I am sure so many other want.  

When I saw all that Obama was saying and doing I knew THAT dream not true with him.  I disagreed with his policies!  

I remember then by pure accident, I was talking to some friends that I have known for decades.  I won’t give their names.  One told me that she had a copy of Obama’s Birth Certificate , but it was from Kenya!  

This is Obama’s genuine Birth  Birth Certificate:

Let’s Save America and forget our egos – Please.

As Christians, we must remember God in All! Including in American Politics. Now I realize more than anyone but God know. People are scarred, anxious, extremely concerned. And with very good reasons. I understand that and so does God. You see God gave us Romans chapter 10. Really all of Romans deal with what we are going through. What we have to do, is pray for Obama. Here’s the reality of the situation is, Ron Paul, though he never won a Caucus or State. He and his Secular, Jew Hating supporters have convinced 19 States to Vote for Ron Paul at the Convention!

Ron Paul claims that he is a CONSTITUTIONALISTS! Well to me this does not look too Constitutional! In fact in no way is that Constitutional. NO WAY! Or is Ron Paul reading the Constitution that Nancy Pelosi said this statement from? “Those people that meet with these Tea Party Meetings in Public are Totally UN-Constitutional In The First Place, and Should All Be Arrested!” I wonder. Because what Ron Paul is doing is against the US Constitution. The votes of the people of these 19 States get Nullified or Canceled, like they don’t count! And Mitt Romney (not my first choice!) will loose the magic number for him to become the Nominee!

My Bible says that a person who does not follow God’s Will and put him first is not be trusted and is a very foolish person. Guess what, that describes Ron Paul! The truth of the Matter. Numbers don’t lie. If it was for Ron Paul and his supporters in 2008 – Obama Would NOT be in Office Today! So Please Wake UP!

Hey! Wasn’t the Idea to Get Rid of OBAMA? Well apparently by Choice or Ego, Ron Paul Forgot or just doesn’t CARE! Think About it – For You Ron Paul Supporters. The Convention Must be Unified for We The People To Get Rid of Obama! Because if Ron Paul goes ahead with his plan, and it looks like he’s going to – Then We The People Have No Chance Because Obama Will Be Re-Elected! Is that what Ron Paul really Wants? Not Me! That’s why I’m writing this. I love America, and I don’t like the way it has been going.

Obama is not even an American is Any Way! http://www.wasobamaborninkenya.com/ Sadly he was. Obama was made a British Subject as a very young boy. And he doesn’t Think like We The People Do! So I have No hatred for Him. Now with Reid, Holder and Pelosi, I don’t understand Them One Bit! Nancy Pelosi was set a letter that she was going to be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church from Rome. Her statement on that was, “Well I’m not worried about the Church, I’m depending and sticking with Obama!” The Bible says, and it’s Truth! Man will Always Let You Down! But GOD WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN! I Know! Because He has Never Let Mark and I down!

My first choice was Herman Cain. He was taken out with nothing but Lies and Threats. I know first hand. Every one on Herman Cain’s Leadership Page knew – The Threats of doing whatever they could to get him out of the race was sent there. I saw it first hand. Then we looked carefully at the rest who running. We picked Rick Santorum! wow. 2 for 2. Not looking good for We The People! Who was left? Basically Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Hey Ron Paul has been running every 4 years since I was BORN! He denies the meeting and rally in Pasadena where I was there when the John Birth Society and him were all lovey dovey and they were greeting everyone there and how Ron Paul Endorsed one of them on a Local Vote. Thank God Neither of them won then. I’m praying to GOD they don’t now.

He they tried to give us Bob Dole, then John McCain! Gee, that didn’t work for us at all – Did it? NO! Now those same people have been pushing Mitt Romney down our Throats! And it looks like now – He will be the nominee – Even Obama has been showing him the White House and a Transition Team is already in Place! But Ron Paul and His People might Put the Fly in the Mix and Blow our America to All Hell! Does Ron Paul even Care? Not about the Constitution! That’s for Sure! With what He’s Doing. So I have given it to GOD and I Pray in my Home – Crying out To GOD!

With this – America Will Be Lost! That’s the hard core truth! If you Don’t believe it – May GOD have mercy on your Soul! Because I’ve not been wrong before. I have an excellent track – record. Are you Ron Paul Supporters Will to Risk America for Your Vote for him? Do you care That Little for We The People, GOD and America? Can’t you Wait? I pray that you can.

So what does that mean? With 19 States, not voting for Mitt Romney, means Obama will remain in Office. And America Won’t Exist within 2 Years! So I Continue to Pray. Read the Book White Lotus. Maybe if Ron Paul would and take it to heart, they would Stop and Recuse that Vote! But, that’s not likely. White Lotus is on Amazon.com last time I looked. Jesus Is! Peace Be Unto You All with Love and God Bless! Jane