America – The 2012 Election – Our Choices to Save America!

Before I tell you anything else. I am a Christian and wrote this Blog – here on Word Press – ttp://

That is my heart and My First Love – Jesus My Lord, Savior and KING! I am praying for these candidates running, and for the souls of America. I’ve been watching the election throughout America and the various polls around America and on the Internet!

I have participated in quite a few of these polls. in Support of Rick Santorum.  It appears to me that there are some who are willing to gamble America, the lives, their freedom and their homes on the mistakes of the past. Didn’t we learn not to do that in our American school systems. I know that I did – have so very many forgotten? I pray not. Rick Santorum just won Alabama and Mississippi last night. They were Strong Wins!

We can not afford to be fooled again. By the media, lies of the candidates or anyone else. America can not take another 4 years of this administration and survive as a Nation. Americans need to wake up NOW and not after the 2012 election as in 2008. I just pray it is not too late for America Now! We can not afford for anyone to tell us WHO to vote for! Our Nation, Our Freedoms are on the edge of Falling off. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are being shredded.

Who am I supporting? Rick Santorum without a doubt! He is Honest and has been 100% Consistent! He is a man of Integrity and Morality! And he has excellent Ideas that will get America Back to Work and with a Balanced Budget and Equality for All! That’s what America NEEDS Right Now! So I am going do whatever I can to get Rick Santorum in White House January 2013.

Obama did promise corruption or to STOP the 2012 Vote before! Here’s the Video! Don’t be fooled by this deceiver we have in the White House! We can not afford to keep him in! America will not exist if he is kept in!

What use to be against the law in many situations is now allowed, and what was appropriate is now in illegal or wrong. WHAT? This is happening all over America! It’s been on various Blogs that I go to on Various sites. There is KAOS with the 10% who really appear more Liberal or Socialistic than what they themselves are claiming. Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid gave their Blessing to them and said they understood how they felt and why. Nancy Pelosi told them, “God Bless You All!” Does she even know the GOD that I know? It doesn’t appear so. But God Bless them anyway. And I Pray for God to show them the truth, and to Bless Them.

Freedom is not FREE! Stop kidding yourselves. Remember Our Soldiers are still giving their Lives Willingly – For our Freedom. And historically, this has been the History of America. But the Liberals don’t want you to remember. They have been twisting the Truth of our Founding Fathers, and the Documents they created – The US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. They have made statements publicly – “The Constitution doesn’t Count!” The Constitution is out of date!” Then they walk all over those documents! WHAT?

Without the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence are NOT out of Date and they Do Count! Without these documents – America Does Not Exists. That’s why Amendments are allowed to be Voted into the Constitution – That’s what makes it Work! As far as being limited? Well when people lose their Licenses for practicing Law because of a Violation of the Constitution. Well if that was me – I most likely wouldn’t like the Constitution either. But that’s not my case, because I am not of that ideology.

I Love the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights! I wont’ say just how right now, but this is personal to me – you might say in my blood. No joke – is it. No I am being deadly serious here.

If it wasn’t for the voters of Ron Paul in 2008 Obama as his administration would not be in right now!   And American may not have been perfect, but much better off than it is today!  These are recent Historical Facts that Can Not be disputed or disproved. Have any of you read the BOOK – White Lotus? It’s a very hard book to read if you Love America like I Do! That’s what will happen if Ron Paul is elected and wins the nomination.

Mitt Romney was asked yesterday about his connection with Obama Care. He didn’t answer. He walked out. He was the key adviser to Obama for Obama Care. You see he did the first example for the world in Massachusetts. Did it really work there? Not according to people we know. Now what does Obama Care Really Mean? Check this out! Not this does have Biblical Prophecy coming True right before our eyes – Revelation 13: 16-17! The Dreaded and Not Believed CHIP! Guess What It’s Here! Some have already accepted Implants!

Mitt Romney is just the other side of the Same Coin as Obama! He was The Key Adviser with Obama Care! And Mitt Romney is the only 1 that is not talking about taking Obama Care OUT! On FB I clicked LIKE to a side add. Click if you agree that Obama Care is Un-Constitutional? I Clicked I Agreed! So Did 75% of Everyone with FB – Yet they voted for it? That isn’t making sense! When Mitt Romney wins States as he did last night in Hawaii. His wins are very Narrow. Rick Santorum always comes up as a very close 2nd! And most of the people would rather trust Rick rather than Romney! They all say that if Rick looks like he will have a chance to be the Nominee – In November they will Vote for Rick Santorum!

They gave us Bob Dole, John McCain and Now they are trying to give us Mitt Romney? They haven’t worked for US! It’s time for US to Pick, NOT THEM! Rick Santorum is the 1 that is absolutely consistent with as a top priority to get Obama Care OUT and Make America Work for Everyone instead of just the few like now!

You Can’t say you weren’t Warned – This is from 2006 CNN!

Isn’t the Idea to Get Obama OUT with Members of his organization?  I believe from what I am hearing, reading and seeing, that every one has forgotten the Impportance and Urgency of that! As of March 12, 2012 Obama is being IMPEACHED For Treason! But it’s not on the News Media on TV or Radio! Why? Because, Obama took over All the Media except for FOX when he first got in! He sealed all of his Personal and and Birth Records “Officially!” Obama made an Enemies List of those of us who just disagreed with his policies! Why didn’t America stand with us then? I don’t know just how this is going to play out, You know the Obamaites are losing their god. I just pray it doesn’t break out to civil war or some such other sick activity. I am praying for the Peace of America and Israel.

Then America just stood by at allow Obama and Perry make their threats on Herman Cain – That they were going to target him and kick him out.  But they did it with LIES!  Even his accuser in Chicago is getting Evicted out of her $7000 a month penthouse!  Where is her buddy Gloria Alred Today?  Isn’t Americans smart enough to see through the media lies and political innuendos?  Honestly – Herman Cain – An Adulterer?  There is No Way that He Did Any Of That!  He was only guiltily and got burned for helping one of them out with some CASH, and all he got back – Was a Pack of Lies – And Gloria Alred in his face!

I am from Los Angeles, California originally!  I knew of Gloria Alred for Decades!  Anything that she can find for some thing to be controversial, you don’t have a very careful and hard look – Because – There she will be!  That is her history!  She isn’t worried if it’s honest or not.  That’s not what she looks at!  She loves to be in the  Lime-Light!  And, That’s what she got – And Every One Believed Her?  Very Sad Indeed!

Now I see that Rick Perry( (Gardasil Killing!)  –, and  Mitt Romney (Romney is Obama Care) and Ron Paul are  on Top Right now!    At least that was the Reports the day before the Iowa Election. Rick Perry is no longer there – Thank GOD! When Rick Perry put up the Mandate Which Than God has been REMOVED but a State Supreme Court Judge in Texas! Rick Perry’s mandate demanded that All girls 12 and older receive this Gardasil/HPV vaccine. This is that story. This is what Gardasil/HPV Does –

But it didn’t hold up – Thank GOD!  And Rick Santorum is Still in The Race and it looks like he could take Super Tuesday Next Week! I pray he Does! God Bless Rick Santorum! Listening to the Radio today, it’s sounding pretty good with the Election Today. Romney has claimed the Rick Santorum got with Obama to buy Votes away from Romney and that Rick Santorum has a lot of explaining to do! What? Rick Santorum has been the only 1 Consistently against Obama since the beginning. And remember – Mitt Romney has been associated with Obama on Obama Care! And made a speech in Detroit – Bragging that his wife drove 3 Condillac’s and they had to other American Vehicles that they drove! WHAT? What did that mean. Sorry, but I don’t believe Mitt Romney on that! The momentum seems to be lending itself towards Rick Santorum!

With all the cuts that Ron Paul Demands and the ones he demands if he makes it – America will be a Police State and Worse!  What of the  Jobs and Homes will be lost as the result of VA and GHA being CUT?  Think again my Dear Friends!   What we have to Vote is What Is Best For America To Save America! Ron Paul has been running to be President since the 1960s. And he has never been our American President. So also why go with a consent Loser!

Now the 1 that I see moving up FAST  is Rick Santorum and he is making quite a big plash!  At least he is Honest and Stands Strong for what he believes!  I respect That!    Now I will admit, that if Herman Cain came back to the Race – I’d be supporting Him! But he was taken out with LIES and THREATS even to his own Family! I understand why he isn’t running – but there are still die-hard supporters that will write him in. I pray they change their mind and support Rick Santorum! I don’t know that Herman Cain would accept at this point.

Rick Santorum is surging in the polls and it’s looking like super Tuesday with be his. This is my prayer.

So, I will continue to Pray fair America to be Free Again and for Americans to Wake Up!  And I Pray for All of our Leaders!  Just as what I’ve been taught.

Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless!  Jane.


11 comments on “America – The 2012 Election – Our Choices to Save America!

  1. lastdaysgirl says:

    I Pray thaat People Read this And Comment on this!

    Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane.

  2. Gilbert Mutai says:

    We r praying with u and America sis Jane. Kenya is on the race too this year, stand with us too in prayer.

    • lastdaysgirl says:

      Gilbert. No Problem! All you need to do is Ask, and you Have@ I am in Prayer for YOU in Kenya! I was there off and on from the 1960s to the 1990s. Kenya is a Beautiful Country with some very Beautiful People! I took a Lot of Pictures there I so wish I still had! They were Lost in a Fire we had where we Lost our Home! But Glory to GOD we have a Beautiful Log House – It Was My Hearts Desire to have one – And God Made It Posible when we thought there was NO Way we could get it – God made the Way! Jesus Is! Peace Be Uno You All and God Bless! Jane.

  3. I am Praying that People Read This and Comment! Thank You All and God Bless! Jane.

    • Jane Millar says:

      Thank You for reading this. I am doing a Lot of Praying to GOD on this!

      I believe it is very possible that Rick Santorum will win Florida. Because with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich attacking each other – It makes them look like little boys. And the numbers show that they are only helping Obama!

      We need to Unite and Get America Back from this Tyranny and Lies from this administration in November!

      Peace Be Unto You and God Bless! Jane.

  4. Jane Millar says:

    This is from my heart. OK, Rick Santorum didn’t win. But just a Month ago no one knew him. What Arizona and Michagan voted for voting in, Obama Care, with voting for Mitt Romney. They are letting his millions and lies. So Sad! I am not giving up! I believe in America. And in our People. I just Pray that I’m not wrong. But God is In Control. And I am Learning every day to Trust Him more and more each day. That is A Very Good Thing! Amen! Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane

  5. Jane Millar says:

    This is the result of last nights vote. You Really Want Mitt Romney? If you disagree with Obama Care – Why are you voting for HIM? Please Read my Blog and learn why, and it’s the TRUTH – with Web Sites Included.
    NEWS UPDATE! Obama is Being Impeached as of March 12, 2012!

    Peace Be Unto You All and God Bless! Jane.

  6. Anti State says:


    • Jane Millar says:

      Cody. Thank You for posting this! It is so critical that we ge

    • t as much against h as possible! .To Save America!

      Peace Be To You My Dear FRIEND! And God Bless! .Jane

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